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As the sun became more active after 1750, cosmic ray flux decreased, cloud amount decreased, and global temperatures warmed.

Svensmark proposed that the global warming we've experienced for the past 150 years is a direct result of an increase in solar activity and attendant warming.

In addition, when looking at various longer periods of record using proxy data for these two variables, he also found good correlations and similar trends.

In particular, he suggested that during the Little Ice Age when the sun was inactive, cosmic ray flux from space was high, cloud amount was greater, and global temperatures were cooler.

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A New Climate Theory In 1995, Henrik Svensmark discovered a startling connection between the cosmic ray flux from space and cloud cover.

Evidence is accumulating that cosmic rays associated with fluctuations in the sun's electromagnetic field may be what drives global warming.

A new theory called Sunspots can be observed in real time online at

" I presented several major reasons why carbon dioxide is probably not the primary cause.

But if carbon dioxide is not the cause, then what is?

In addition to the results Svensmark obtained from the experiment above, which he called SKY, he anticipates confirmation of his results in a more complete experiment called CLOUD to be conducted at the CERN laboratory in Geneva, Switzerland.

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