America adult clubs

Compared to the more than one million dollars we have raised since our beginning, less than three percent has come from government sources.

Private and individual donors, along with the Lions Clubs, make up more than sixty percent of our income.

Today, these clubs also continue to operate in the United States.

The five oldest existing American clubs are the South River Club in South River, Maryland (c.1690/1700), the Schuylkill Fishing Company in Andalusia, Pennsylvania (1732), the Old Colony Club in Plymouth, Massachusetts (1769), The Philadelphia Club in Philadelphia (1834), and the Union Club of the City of New York in New York City (1836).

Many people are under the impression that Service Dogs for America is a federal or state funded agency, however, that is not the case.

If there are no Breeder Referral members in a state, please contact the National Breeder Referral Contact so you can find a breeder in your area.

I cannot even begin to express the love you have for a Bulldog puppy.

As with any breed, Bulldogs are truly an amazing addition to the “right” home.

The Boston Club, of New Orleans, named after the card game and not the city, is the oldest southern club, founded in 1841 and recently celebrated their 175th Anniversary (2016).

The five oldest existing clubs west of the Mississippi River are the Pacific Club in Honolulu (1851), the Pacific-Union Club (1852), Olympic Club (1860), and Concordia-Argonaut Club (1864), all in San Francisco, and the Arlington Club in Portland, Oregon (1867).

Not really wanting a dog that needed to stay in the house, I was opposed to this decision but her father thought differently.

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