Adult website scam


It's a scam, and they are trying to avoid the stiff penalties for mail fraud. By mail, by phone or face to face, con artists dangle baited hooks in front of honest people every day of the week.It usually begins with an unsolicited contact from a company, individual or organization you never heard of. Real lotteries don't call you to say you've won.When people know how to spot a scam, they can stop short before they lose their money. Business registration: Businesses in Texas are required to register with the Secretary of State at us Find a business through SOS or, better yet, make sure it is registered before you do business.Senior citizens are too often the targets of consumer fraud scams.A law-abiding victim can sometimes be swayed by the knowledge that it is illegal to receive the proceeds of a foreign lottery. It can help them to understand that the con artists who perpetrate the scams are highly skilled and sophisticated. This problem is as old as the expression "Fly by Night," which describes the crook who sells you a raw deal and leaves town before you realize you've been had.Today, thanks to the Internet, the disappearing business is more common than ever." Businesses in Texas are required to register with the Secretary of State or the local county clerk's office.You can contact the SOS to find out the name of the registered agent for the business.

We are often contacted by frantic family members of victims of fraud, who are unable to convince the victim that the scam is not real. If you are having a hard time convincing someone to stop sending money to a scam artist, you can call this office at (800) 252-8011 for assistance.You have been warned about mail fraud, telephone fraud, internet fraud and door-to-door fraud. Whether they reach you by mail, by phone, by email or by talking to you in person, they will give themselves away if you know what to look for. With a con artist, all you know is who that person says he or she is. And real employers don't generally ask new hires to shell out money.No matter what the bait they offer you, underneath it is a hook. You have to WIRE or AIRBORNE money instead of MAILING it." Learn how you can avoid falling for a con artist's schemes by reading, The Five Tricks of a Con Artist.If you have been scammed, it's important you know how to properly report the scams and the steps to take to prevent being scammed again.These scammers call or email seniors asking for money.

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