Adult site scams

Is there any way to go after scammers that keep calling?Everytime I get a call I block it to prevent future calls.However, they keep calling with a one digit area code or phone number change so I have to block that one as well.I can't tell you how many of these calls I keep getting.I received another one yesterday that left me a voicemail while I was driving. The message left tells me I have a refund coming and to call asap.I had talked to one of those people last month, but he wanted access to my computer. Two minutes later I get another phone call same area code and exchange but different last 4 digits. I return this call and was told they were returning my call.I was ( and still am ) vexed by the lack of help from the news source; I have always thought that they were better than others. Anyway thank you for sending this message to those of us who read your messages all the time. you should go to new scammers who behave as real commercial foreign companies and then try to cheat our large American banks-they are very specialized and our banks must establish a specialized organization to fight those criminals I have reported hundreds of calls to the FTC over the last 4 or 5 years.

If your debt is put into the program, you will get a letter from the IRS, and then a letter from the private debt collection company. If you get a letter and you owe federal taxes, or think you might owe, call the IRS at 800-829-1040.The FTC can't stop the calls or does not want to.I have quit reporting the calls due to it being a waste of time.), and that the recipient only needs to pay a small fee to claim it. Then report it to the Federal Trade Commission at It was so good I was almost thinking that maybe it was real!Find out how you can help someone you know avoid a prize or sweepstakes scam. My spouse had already been scammed with a tech support scam and paid to have the computer unlocked!Others send pop-up messages warning you about a problem with your computer.

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