9 simple rules for dating my daughter


John Ritter stars as Paul Hennessy, a dad who only wants to do right by his kids but stumbles every step of the way.

He freaks out over the way 16-year-old Bridget (Kaley Cuoco) dresses.

1-28 20 May 03 Sort of an Officer and a Gentleman: Part 2 Season 2 29.

1-27 13 May 03 Sort of an Officer and a Gentleman: Part 1 28.

When Bonnie's at home, sparring good-naturedly with her husband (Mark Derwin) and housekeeper (Marianne Muellerleile), the comedic quips are mostly scripted.

When she gets to the TV station, the show becomes ad lib central.

Bruce Cameron, this sitcom shows a father trying hard to relate to his kids and probably trying too hard (no, the rules of the show's title are never spelled out).

Like "Peaks," "Push" has an upright investigator, oddball characters and a strange town.

Thursdays opposite "CSI" and "Will & Grace." IRS agent Jim Prufrock (Derek Cecil) receives a misdirected fax from Silas Bodnick (Jon Polito) at the Versailles Casino that sends Prufrock to Push in search of answers.

Bodnick appears to also be involved in a heist of money from the casino's vault, which will be the case Prufrock -- and viewers at home -- try to solve.

Once in Push, Prufrock meets Mary (Scarlett Chorvat) at Sloman's Slo Dance Bar.

She cautions him about his investigation, which seems to be under surveillance by unidentified government agents who may have the whole town bugged.

It's an awkward transition, especially because the unscripted stuff tends to drag.

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