4flirt tube

Still, overall the quality is good enough that you won't find yourself wondering "what is that?!" as you view the streams, and the image is large enough that you won't need to expand to full screen.Photos are digital stills sized at anywhere from 400x600 to 1024x683, and quality of the more recent pics is good, where older pics are less sharp and clear.Most performers also have small galleries of screencaps on their profile pages, which means over a thousand more pics - probably quite a few more.

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How far each performer will go varies, as each guy determines his own limits.

VIP members can actually see videos from the past week, about 90 to 99 videos for each day, adding up to just under 700 vids.

The Daily VOD section videos aren't checked by anyone to see what happens in them, so today I found a 29 minute jackoff session from a hot muscle hunk, 26 minutes of a cute average guy from the waist up typing, a black stud twerking and working his big cock, 4 minutes of an otter stripping slowly from fully clothed to naked.

393 picture sets, pics are digital stills sized at from 400x600 to 1024x68, good quality.

It features all of the hot homoerotic men that you fantasize about.

Flirt with hundreds of guys online every hour of the day. Let your darkest, deepest, most secret fantasies be played out with live guys.

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